The Largest Ocean Cleanup

Ironically, did not happen in the ocean, but in rivers draining into the ocean. This costed under 100,000 USD in capital costs; No boats or operating costs were incurred to arrest the plastics.

The ‘not-so-obvious’

As a team we have innovated new solutions every other month. Our approach to innovation has been bottom up, start with the simplest solution that comes to the mind and work your way up in complexity, if need be. Often, one of the simple approaches meets the requirement.  One legitimate doubt the team had often, in theContinue reading “The ‘not-so-obvious’”

Quality and Brand Value

In the common parlance, Quality and Brand value are freely interchangable words. But for those in the know, they are quite different. An unknown player, can deliver quality from day one. But it takes years of hard work in delivering quality, to build up the brand value. Large media budgets help buy brand recognition ratherContinue reading “Quality and Brand Value”